How are Green Boomers leading the way to safer cosmetics?

How are Green Boomers leading the way to safer cosmetics?

“As you age onscreen you get to that point where you really understand you can’t stay in front of the camera for your whole life.” 

George Clooney, BBC interview March 2016
While most of us don’t live under the public scrutiny of George Clooney, we are still a world obsessed with youth. Baby Boomers, the original peace-loving green advocates whose legacy swings between chemical perms, baby oil tans, peace and consumerism are putting their money where their values are. With their spending power and a shift towards natural skin care products, Baby Boomers are having a significant effect upon markets.

Green Behaviour and Greenvertising are just two of the new terms that have grown out of the movement that is being shaped by the socially conscious spending habits of the Baby Boomers. A rise in locally-grown products, giving back to the community and supporting grass-roots initiatives are all important to this group and especially to Green Boomers.

Within the Baby Boomers group, a rising demographic called Green Boomers are exerting their market power.

“Green Boomers are the 40 million consumers that vote with their wallets and actually make the choice to buy environmentally safe brands, making up 54% of the Boomer population. These consumers exhibit significantly different attitudes and behaviours when compared to those that do not make that choice.”
Aging Society Organisation

Great skin reflects the choices you make and feeling good about the way you look is more than just a product, it’s a lifestyle. Living Nature, with its philosophy of promoting authentic, natural beauty and doing no harm to our World and its certified natural skin care and mineral makeup ranges, is a great match for Green Boomers.

Living Nature offers benefits for your skin in the form of natural, organic ingredients, sourced for their anti-aging and healing properties. Our featured anti-aging product Radiance Night Oil’s potent ingredients boost this rejuvenation and renewal process.
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