Makeup Colors

Makeup Colors

Foundations & Tinted Moisturizers
Living Nature Foundation will give a medium but natural-looking coverage
 know it is very difficult to purchase cosmetics and foundations without seeing the actual color
​. Hopefully, the following color swatches and 
​will help. We have 
​made every effort to 
make the color swatches on our website as close as possible to the actual color
​ but the end result may vary.​


a.       Pure Buff – Neutral light tone with a slight yellow base (Suits fair skin)

b.       Pure Taupe – Lighter Pink Tinge (Suits slightly olive light tone skin)

c.        Pure Sand –  Creamy tinge, lighter middle tone (Suits fair but tanned skin)

​  ​ 
Pure Honey –  Darker Middle Tone with a creamy pink tinge, darker than Pure Sand (Suits
​ ​
anned or 
​ ​

.        Pure Beige – Darker Pink Tone – (Suits Tanned or Olive Skin Tones)

Remember that the lightest coverage achieved will be when foundation is applied with fingertips, slightly heavier coverage with a sponge and

heavier coverage ​still if you use a foundation brush.​

It is also important to note that the color darkens slightly when dry so it is best to apply to the skin and wait for a few minutes to compare properly.


Illuminating Foundation:

Living Nature
Illuminating Foundation give
 a nice glow
, however, using it on its own is normally recommended for night use. 
or day use, especially for photography where one wants the light reflected off the skin slightly; (this is very forgiving) mixing it 50 / 50 with your Foundation, works fantastically.  Use a little luminous powder over to set it and remove any ‘high’ shine, leaving the skin with a natural healthy glow. 
As the Illuminating Foundation allows your own skin tone to reflect through you would normally choose the color based on your natural base color.  It does provide the skin with a light shimmer and slight sparkle but basically enhances the overall radiance and glow of the skin. 





a.       Dawn Glow  - is the lightest for very fair skin

b.      Day Glow -  is the most popular for slightly tanned/medium toned skin

c.       Evening Glow - is the darkest for very olive skins. 

It is important to note that the Illuminating Foundations do require a good shake prior to using and that with any of our cosmetics the color needs to be compared when the product has fully dried on the skin as the liquid’s do darken slightly as they dry.

Tinted Moisturizer:  Living Nature Tinted Moisturizer is a light coverage with no shimmer and leaves the skin lightly moisturi​zed. It will help even out skin imperfections and if you apply the Living Nature Luminous Pressed Powder over the top it will give a good coverage with a very natural look or by itself it is lovely and light to wear.


a.       Dawn Light – is the lightest shade and for lighter toned skin

b.      Day Light –  is for medium skin tones

c.     Evening Light -  is for fairly olive skin types.

As the tinted moisturi​zer allows your own skin tone to reflect through some people choose to wear the same tinted moisturizer all year round, and change the Luminous Powder they use in conjunction with the tinted moisturizer from light during the winter to medium during the summer (for fair skin).