Skin care Anywhere this Winter

Skin care Anywhere this Winter

Skin care Anywhere this Winter


Whether it’s over the road to the gym, overnight on a ski-weekend, or overseas for a few days in tropical temps, your skin deserves to be cared for just as well as it would be at home. 



During winter, our travels often take us from the cold, wet and wind into warm offices and homes – or balmy islands if we’re lucky. The temperature extremes, exacerbated by the fact we typically drink less water and eat less water based foods, can take a toll on our skin - resulting in it becoming dry and dehydrated. This is why it is especially important to focus on good skin care during the winter months especially for those who have sensitive skin. 

The skin care experts at Living Nature have the perfect products and advice to nurture winter skin. Skin Care Therapist and Consultant, Amanda Cotton recommends Living Nature’s gentle, natural products to help protect skin and boost hydration, plus dedicated care for very sensitive skin that can feel even more stressed during the colder weather.

To restore and protect skin from winter’s damage, Amanda says, it’s important to follow a good daily basic skincare routine with a gentle cleanser, such as Living Nature’s Vitalising Cleanser, a non-drying toner, such as Living Nature’s Extra Hydrating Toning Gel, a nourishing day cream plus nurturing products like Living Nature’s Lip Hydrator and Firming Flax Serumand a nourishing mask once or twice a week. 

Equally as important is exfoliation, to slough away dead/dry surface skin that leaves skin feeling tight and dull. Living Nature’s Skin Revive Exfoliant, provides a gentle, yet effective way to help, soften the skin and prepare it to receive the benefits of the other products. As well as what you put on your skin, don’t forget all-important internal hydration with plenty of water and not too many caffeinated or alcoholic drinks, all of which have a drying effect on the body and skin.



Have sensitive skin? Living Nature has that covered too. Treat sensitive skin with extra care when it’s compromised by winter weather – use warm, not hot water on your face and avoid rough scrubbing or dragging of skin when you’re cleansing. Pat skin dry very gently and ensure you’re using a safe, non-irritant skincare regime such as Living Nature’s new Sensitive Skin range - perfectly PH balanced with gentle, natural ingredients like Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Harakeke Flax Extract and Avocado Oil to provide deep nourishment and support sensitive skin’s natural cell renewal process without irritation. 




For all other skin types, Living Nature’s Skin Steps certified natural skin care sets provide the perfect travel kit for healthy daily skin care – wherever your steps take you this winter. With no synthetic ingredients or chemical nasties, just the ideal blend of natural ingredients to safely and effectively cleanse, tone, hydrate and moisturise facial skin each and every day, while protecting, hydrating and nourishing. And.... it smells divine! Naturally!


There are three Skin Steps sets to choose from: to Purify Oily Skin, to Nourish Normal Skin or to Enrich Dry & Mature Skin. Each contains the three steps for certified natural daily skincare anywhere, including a 50ml cleanser, a hydrating gel and a moisturiser specific to each skin type, plus two sample products to introduce you to additional complementary products from Living Nature’s expertly formulated range.


All feature New Zealand’s bioactive native plant-based ingredients, along with safe, natural preservatives and fragrances, (from essential oils) and are certified natural by BDIH Germany. Living Nature is also rated as the safest skin care range by Skin Deep and Think Dirty safe cosmetics databases and apps. 

Living Nature also provides acne sufferers with an effective natural acne treatment Manuka Honey Gel for trouble spots and all-over treatment. A soothing gel for blemish prone skin and perfect for oily/combination skin types Manuka Honey Gel is proven to be effective in maintaining skin health. 

Once your skin is glowing and winter ready, complement it with Living Nature Mineral Makeup. From luminous skin to luscious lips, Living Nature is your natural beauty product.