The humble heroics of Harakeke

The humble heroics of Harakeke

The humble heroics of Harakeke.

It’s a plant, it’s a moisturiser, it’s wearable art. It’s harakeke! In light of the recent fashion week events around the world, we’re spotlighting one of our own fashionable hero ingredients - harakeke.
New Zealand Harakeke Flax Gel is used extensively across the Living Nature skin care range for its skin soothing, hydrating, antiseptic and healing properties.
Harakeke (it’s pronounced the way it looks) is the Maori, the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand, word for the perennial, ever-green flax that is native to New Zealand. Its colour, texture and beauty are aesthetically pleasing but the real heroics lie in what this plant can do!

Various forms of flax have been used in different civilisations for thousands of years. The Egyptians used it to wrap their mummies and their priests wore linen because of its association with purity. The Romans used it for their sails. Eventually, linseed oil became known for its medicinal properties. Flax was cultivated in the New World by colonists and has become a staple North American crop.

In the past, the Maori used harakeke for purposes as diverse as weaving clothing and baskets, thatching roofs, medicinal cures and even torches. Early Europeans settling in New Zealand found its fibrous quality perfect for making rope and linen. Recent experiments to use harakeke fibre as a replacement for fibreglass are opening new possibilities for its use in everyday objects.

This incredibly versatile plant has also made multiple runway appearances in designs at WOW, the World of Wearable Art, New Zealand fashion and arts event held every September in Wellington that showcases the beguiling, extraordinary world of wearable art from around the world.
Besides being a fashion statement, harakeke truly is a moisturising hero. It is New Zealand’s version of aloe vera.

With its high water content, harakeke effectively moisturises, nourishes and heals dry, mature and normal skin. It gently soothes sensitive skin and quiets irritations and inflammation.

The harakeke used by Living Nature is sourced from Te Araroa on New Zealand’s East Cape. Its wild leaves can grow to three metres. By using the gel from mature leaves, we ensure the sustainability of this native plant.

Living Nature is proud to continue the tradition of using this natural, unique, New Zealand ingredient and bring it wondrous benefits to satisfied customers all over the World.

Hydrating Toning Gel - A refreshing and lightweight toner gel to restore natural pH levels.
The gentle Gel also helps prevent oil overproduction, firms, tones and adds moisture naturally. Soothing and calming Harakeke Flax Gel tones and hydrates, while antiseptic humectant Active Manuka Honey nourishes, and helps maintain skin health.

It's not your average toner, it's your skin hydration saviour.
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