The timeless secret of Rose Oil

The timeless secret of Rose Oil

The rose. Iconic, symbolic, steeped in romance and imagery. An object of beauty. We prize them in our gardens, use them to scent perfumes, fragrance our lives and celebrate love.

Since the Ancient World, we have used Rose Oil in religious ceremonies, burials, as a status symbol, a trading product, a medicinal and restorative aid. Roses have been used on dynastic crests - the White Rose of the House of York, the Red Rose of the House of Lancaster. Portraying beauty and power, they have been swooned over in literature and endlessly immortalised by painters.

Rose Oil is the essential oil which is extracted from the petals of a variety of roses. This highly labour -intensive process defines its value.

Two major species of rose are cultivated for the production of rose oil:
  • Rosa damascena, the damask rose
  • Rosa centifolia, the cabbage rose

The scent of Rose Oil de-stresses and its combination of over 300 nutrient compounds stimulates collagen production. It increases Hyaluronic acid and elastin levels too, so your skin feels firmer and looks younger overnight.

These powerful therapeutic and anti-aging properties make Rose Oil an essential ingredient in our Radiance Night Oil. Since your skin uses sleeping hours to repair and renew itself, a drop of Radiance Night Oil will boost this natural process.

There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted.

Henri Matisse

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With 6,000 perfect rosebuds distilled into just 1ml, you really can bottle the world's ancient beauty secret.
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